Kevlar Jacket and Pants For Sale
  • Name: Kevlar Jacket and Pants For Sale
    Manufacturer: Security Race Products
    Specifications: Kevlar Life Jacket and Kevlar Pants
    Price: $500
    Additional Information: I have a stock/mod/pro outboard jacket and pants for sale.  They are both made by Security Race Products.  The jacket is in near perfect condition. it is approximately 5-6 years old.  No rips or tears.  Impact material in front and back, heavy duty metal buckles on leg straps.  Size is XL/XXL.  Pants are also in great shape.  No rips or tears.  Approximately 6 years old.  They are manufactured with bent knees, so obviously great for kneel down racing. I am a size 38 pant and they have plenty of room for me.  Asking $350 for jacket and $180 for pants.  If you buy both I will take $500 even.  Please call or text with any questions 518-441-4406
    Front Of Jacket.jpg
    458 x 821 - 99K
    Back of Jacket Cut.jpg
    499 x 852 - 111K
    Pants Front View.jpg
    508 x 852 - 87K
    Back View of Pants.jpg
    482 x 852 - 58K
    Side View Pants.jpg
    306 x 843 - 56K
    Metal Leg Clasps.jpg
    640 x 852 - 110K

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