Region 6 is drowning....
  • HirevoltageHirevoltage September 2011
    I hope that we start seeing some more region 6 races coming back instead of canceling them all!!!!
  • XRayKate726 September 2011

  • HirevoltageHirevoltage September 2011

    Some of the fastest boats show up for region 6 so lets bring Dayton, Stoney, Decataur, I know there is alot more and Stover can tell you all of them!!!

  • Oh_Brother_77 September 2011
    as a midwest based racer, I hope that more of the races come back also.
  • dave33dave33 September 2011
    I’m a former inboarder that’s trying to bring back some activity in the MACH series, I too would like to see some of the former race sites, such as Decatur and Dayton come back. It takes a lot of money though, there is a lot more than paying for the cranes, just ask Sean Bowsher some time.Always willing to help out. Dave Sutton
  • HirevoltageHirevoltage September 2011

    If I could quit my full time job and become a promoter I would so do it!!!  I want inboard racing like it was when I first started going to races with my dad!!


  • AquaJAquaJ October 2011
    Next year, dayton will be back on. The valves have been fixed. Now we just have to wait to see if they will bring it back. As far as clinton, I hope it runs!
  • ysguy9622ysguy9622 October 2011
    Would love to see Dayton back as a Region 6 Inboard event. The economy makes it tough however. 

    What races we had in 2011...Waterford, Walled Lake, and Celina, all run very tight budgets. Losing Rocky Fork in 2011 was painful and hopefully they will find the $$$ to make it happen in 2012. 

    It really does come down to money...Sanction fees, Insurance, Security, Advertising, Mailings, Programs, Cranes & Crane Operators, Fire & Safety on and off the water, Officials, Event Support (Restrooms, Sound/PA), Radio Race Coverage, Awards/Trophies, Hotel Costs for Officials, Oh...and prize money. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it.

    No easy answers...but there's a lot of hard working people locally at every race event making it happen every year...