• This is a notice to all APBA members who plan and conduct
    races around the country.
    President, Mark Wheeler, has established a Government Affairs Committee.  The Committee is tracking and monitoring bills,
    laws, and regulations across the country that make it increasingly difficult to
    conduct boat races.  The idea is to gain
    an understanding of regulatory trends that negatively affect boat racing around
    the country and, where possible, push for change.

    For example, in your Region, there may be a bill being
    considered in your Legislature that would require boat operators to be a
    minimum age that would keep 9 year olds from racing “Junior Hydro”.  Or there may be a new county law that imposes
    an Aquatic Invasive Species fee and inspection in order to launch a boat on a
    lake traditionally used for racing.  Or
    perhaps there are noise regulations or speed regulations imposed by home owners
    around a lake.  Or perhaps some counties
    require law enforcement officers to be on hand during the race paid at
    over-time rates by the race organizers.    

    Since the Committee can’t be everywhere, the Committee is
    asking APBA Race Directors and Race Planners to be their “eyes and ears” around
    the country.  We have established a web “Report
    Form” to make it easy for you to report those bills, laws, and regulations that
    you come across that make it harder or more expensive for you to put on a boat

    See: “Report Form link”.

    Thank you for your help.

    -Steve Greaves
    Government Affairs Chairman 

    APBA Member #:
    Boat #: 2
    Region 1