Modified Tech Manual Update 6-15-15
  • The Modified Tech Manual has been revised as of 6-15-15 to reflect ballot approvals for the 15 cu in Sidewinders with full modifications except for open pipes in the 250 cc classes. 

    Also reflecting a ballot approval of a 400 cc MH class only with few restrictions except no open pipes.    This change will be found at the opening of the 400 cc class with the old rules and old format following. 

    To find the new Tech Manual, go to the Resource page.  Choose Modified Outboard and Technical information in your search and the new Manual will come up.

    Jeff Williams

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    Region 6
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  • Thanks Jeff & Mary for all your efforts.  Here's hoping we can maybe make some changes over in SO that might accomodate Mod entries in hither-to-for only Stock classes.  The more entries the better the racing and the bottom line too.


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