Buy a D hydro & get racing
  • Are you 18 or older?  Good.  And are you ready to put away that stupid video game that's ruining your eyesight and creating carpel-tunnel in your thumbs?   Good!    Get out there and jump into a D Hydro..  or runabout.    Don't listen to your peers who enjoy driving other classes where the boats are extremely competitive and less easy to control at speed.   Get your butt into a D.   Yeah!!    that's the first Class I began racing, way back just after the beginning of time in 1963.   I would only suggest that you DO NOT buy a Sid Craft.   Sid & Sons built beautiful boats (my first) but now they belong in respected museums.   Call Bob O'Connor, he'll build you one for this season. If you can find a 44XS that runs, buy it.  Race it.

    Save your dollars and then get a Tohatsu and quit having to wonder if you can find parts... cause you WON'T NEED PARTS.

    And, to quote the late Dr Bob "Suicide" O'Connor, Doctor of Hydroplaneology... "driving one of my boats is like driving a Cadillac" (yeah Bob.. u-kno-it.., like a Z06 Corvette!!).  So, get out here and Rock!!

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