Revive DR & DH
  • How about if the SORC would allow these motor arrangements to run in DH & DR:   the 55H W/open exhaust (pipes);  the 44's no pipes,
    but w/tuner in-tower; RAM50 fiber reeds, no reed-stops; any gear ratio; four blade
    props; no propshaft height/depth restrictions; and set the min-weight DR & DH at 440 pounds?  What do you folks think?

    And, perhaps we should consider "D" Marathon needs to have a higher weight so the boats can take the beating of the higher speeds in rough conditions.  Plus, we have drivers of all sizes who just want to race without the hassle of a healthy diet, eating Jenny Craig, reducing beer consumption, or risking "the BIG ONE" while pounding away on a freaking treadmill in a futile effort to 'make weight'.  And, if yer some lite-weight who needs to add a couple sheets of lead-flashing to yer boat to make 510# ..get yer butt to the hardware store... Dude, bulk up!!  and buy a 4-wheeler with a trailer hitch to move your rig in and out so your pals don't get hernias.

    The MORC wants to keep the 750Mod a Merc class, eg no Tohatsu's.  Okay, I
    respect that.   I can live with that.  But, how can WE revive a DR class
    and also help DH?  All of us   SORC & MORC need entries to stay afloat. 

    Certainly speeds might increase for some but not by much.  Such speed increases are already being figured out by new boat designs and props.  Also, there are other recognized racing organizations where all this is legal and they're are not making the accident headlines - nor will we.  Responsible driving and race direction are the big key.  Let's get things moving.

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