2017 APBA Board of Directors and Council at Large Elections
  • The following is a link to the Bios of the 8 APBA members running for one of five spots available to serve on the APBA Board of Director's and the 5 APBA members running for Council at Large.  We invite both the candidates and members to comment on how the candidates will best serve the APBA membership as a Board and Council at Large member.  Thank you and good luck to those members running in this election.

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  •      I notice that Katelyn Shaw and Matt Yarno are not on the ballot. Both were nominated. I sent Katelyn's nomination to Patrick Mel on June 12, via E-MAil, (as it stated in the June APBA Spin) , which stated, "Anyone wishing to be nominated should send a letter of intent (or email to
    pmell@apba.org," and followed with a hard copy of the letter of nomination. 
        Matt's name was on the list sent to the nomination committee, but not supported by the committee. Can anyone tell me why? Are there any others who had their name submitted but not placed on the ballot? Shouldn't the members decide who they want to vote for, not a committee that is partially made of people who are running for election themselves? (The nominations committee consists of the current Board of Directors ,some of whom are running for reelection, and the Category Chairmen).

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