Safer Rescue Boat Propellers - Aegis
  • The Aegis is a newly designed propeller that can minimize the potential damage to marine mammals as well as humans.  Richmond Aero Marine now stocks the New Aegis propellers which are available in a wide variety of pitch sizes and fit all the current outboard motors from 25 to 300 horsepower.

    The blades utilize a unique geometry and are designed to fend off objects as opposed to cutting into them.  They are easily recognizable by the heavy green coating.  These props sacrifice little in terms of performance needed by rescue craft and offer a higher degree of safety when maneuvering around persons in the water. from overturned boats. 

    APBA Member #: 11195
    Boat #: 8A
    Classes: D hydro FE hydro 20 SShydro
    Region 1