SORC ballot #2 announcement of rules adoption
  • normal">1) In 25SSH, the 25XS
    engine must now use the restrictor plate in an effort to begin to allow the 20S
    Sidewinder engine as the motor of choice per our mission statement.

    normal">2) Currently, our
    regattas and championships are approved via lists of Referee’s and
    Inspector’s.  The Risk Manager and Scorer
    positions have been added to this rule.

    normal">3) The Mercury 25XS
    engine may now use a two piece drive shaft with coupler.

    normal">(All of the above will take
    effect in 30 days from this posting.)

    normal">4) Tom Schlarb of
    Canfield, Ohio was voted Stock Outboard Rookie of the Year for the 2017 season.

    normal">Please see your local
    commissioner if you have any questions or email

    normal">Thank you, 

    normal">Jeff Brewster

    normal">Stock Outboard Chairman

    APBA Member #: 1859
    Boat #: 59-S
    Classes: 300SSH, BSH, 25SSH & Csr Marathon
    Region 6