FIELD OF WAKES: Discounts and Deadlines
  • Don't forget that SUNDAY DECEMBER 11 is the last day to order FIELD OF WAKES at the cheapest shipping price ($7.99) and still get it for Christmas. There are later deadlines available, but then we start talking about air shipping , and it would be nice to avoid that.

    ALSO--Here's a list of the latest Discount Codes that still seem to be active. Use these at checkout and save some money!

    AFFILIATE15OFF: 15% off
    HOLIDAY: 15% off
    20OFFBLURB: 20% off (expires 12-31-2011)
    TWEETSHIP: $9.99 off shipping (expires 12-9-2011)
    ADBLURB: 20% off (expires 12-31-2011)
    COCOA: 20% off when you order 2 books

    Click the link below for Preview and ordering info:

    Thanks for your support, and making FIELD OF WAKES the most successful book we've produced yet!



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