00.1 As an entry level and safe alternative to flatbottom capsule racing,the following rules shall dictate: (Note: to be changed as necessary by the IE commission)

00.2 Hull Configuration
00.2.1 Minimum hull length shall be 16 feet L.O.A. and the maximum shallbe 20 feet L.O.A. including cavitations plates. Minimum beam width of 72inches wide.
00.2.2 The minimum weight of the boat complete in racing trim withdriver shall be 1950 lbs. and with all excess water removed.
00.2.3 The hull shall be a flatbottom boat design and conform to theGENERAL RULES FOR INBOARD RUNABOUTS, racing classification.
00.2.4 Year of manufacturing shall have no limit.
00.2.5 Propulsion shall be of single direct drive orsingle v-drive and single propeller with a maximum of two blades.

00.3 Engine Specification
00.3.1 Block- Single American automotive block with a maximum cubicinch displacement of 500.
00.3.2 Induction- No superchargers, turbochargers, blowers of any typeor forced induction shall be used. Naturally aspirated induction byuse of carburetor or mechanical injection.
00.3.3 Fuel- Gasoline, methanol, ethanol, aviation, or acombination are permitted. Additives allowed except nitro methaneand/or nitrous oxide and adhere to Inboard Rule 33.18.
00.3.4 Ignition- All are accepted.
00.3.5 No electric speed control devices are allowed.

00.4 Safety Considerations
00.4.1 The general condition of the installation, lamination, fueltank/cell, underwater gear should be inspected. Any component found to benot in a satisfactorily condition by an inspector shall not be allowed tocompete until the violation be corrected.
00.4.2 A propeller shaft release shall be functional andbe used during any competition.
00.4.3 The drive line shall be covered with 1/8 inch steel or 1/4 inchaluminum.
00.4.4 Any boat involved in an accident/collision must be inspectedimmediately after, if possible, by the Inboard Inspector. The InboardInspector shall document all damage and instruct boat owner of themandatory repairs needed before competing again. A post repairinspection by the Inboard Inspector shall be conducted anddocumented prior to the next competition.
00.4.5 A tethered kill switch shall be used at all times while underwayin addition to a manual electric shutoff switch within the operators reach.
00.4.6 No coating of any kind be applied to underwater gear to hinderthe inspection for defects.
00.4.7 Safety Collars shall be placed in the following positions: (2)collars between the shaft log and shaft coupler, (1) above the rudder box andabove the steering mechanism, and (1) placed in a position not to allow thesteering shaft/hub to become disengaged.
00.4.8 Key ways shall be placed in the following positions: (1) on thesteering shaft as to keep the steering gear stabilized on the steeringshaft and (1) on the propeller shaft at the coupler.

00.5 Speeds/Qualifications/Disqualifications
00.5.1 At the owner/driver's expense a GPS unit shall be affixed tothe driver and/or hull during competition and be examined prior to and at thecompletion of each competition.
00.5.2 The speeds of GPS shall be strictly enforced and followthese guidelines.
A maximumspeed of 95.9 MPH. A speed of 96.0 to 99.9 MPH will be considered a"break out" speed and if in such an event more than one boat"breaks out", the higher place position be awarded to the competitorwith the closes speed to 95.9. A speed excess of 100 will be considered a"break out" speed and that competitor be awarded zero points for theheat, disqualified and the boat will not be allowed to compete for theremainder of the competition weekend. Refer to rule 23.8.4.
00.5.3 Drawing of lane positions for as many first round qualificationheats as needed. After the qualification heat, the top finisher will beconsidered first to draw for next position, the second finisher shall draw nextand so on. In the event there is more than one qualification heatran or a two day event be combined, each competitor shall only be allowed todraw #1 lane once.
00.5.4 It is the responsibility of the owner/driver to furnish afunctioning GPS device. If that device does not register during acompetition, the competitor will receive zero points for the heat and a warningsimilar to a violation of exceeding 95.9 MPH. A second violation willresult in a disqualification, awarded zero points and the boat will not beallowed to compete for the remainder of the competition weekend.