SST 60 driver Howie Nichols featured in the news
  • From the Orange Cup Regatta in Lakeland, Florida, a great story by Emily Leineweber on Howie Nichols and boat racing as a family sport...

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  •    howie my friend,

    awesome article. if your daughter Becky is anything like you, she will be a super star like yourself and your hole family. your dad pete is a angle,guess i never raced against him. i suppose you learned your tricks from someone. i have my nephew running gt-pro for his second year. i remember his first race,it sent shivers up my spine. it was almost as good as the first time i finally beat you. LOL. if you beat the nichols team,you had a good weekend. the friendships we all make traveling the highways race to race are really price-less. hope your weekend went well.

       your friend forever and a day, Donny

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  • A nice article. Our sport is well represented by the Nichols family!

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  • Great story about a great family!

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  • Thank you everyone!


    Donny - A few tricks are still in the bag, should we put you in Stock Outboard and have you run against Dad??  :)  Good luck this season, I hope we get to see you somewhere across the country my friend!



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