2012 Helmet Rule
  • does anyone know the exact interpretation of the rule change implemented in 2012 for racing helmets? (OPC driver here..) I can't find it anywhere. I know DOT rating is out. does the helmet simply need to have a snell rating? is there a minimum? I think it used to be 85 if not mistaken?? also...in regards to color, I believe I saw that the top half it needs to be any of these colors (orange, red, yellow, lime green,).  does it have to be a SOLID one of these colors or can it be any combination of ONLY the approved colors? My helmet needs to be painted regardless and I'd like to fancy it up with some bright graphics on a custom paint job. I think the rule states it has to be solid (which is dumb) but I'm wondering if I will be fine as long as I stick to only approved colors. If it is required to be only solid there are a lot of people that won't (or shall we say shouldn't) get through inspection. don't want no "lolly-pop" lookin dome. 

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  • The upper 50% has to be one solid color! not a combination of colors. DOT only rated helmets are out, helmets must have a snell or another approved certification to be legel.

    So Lolly-pop it is 


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