Vintage Physicals
  •   I have been informed by APBA headquarters that only until just recently have they had the ability to note our physical on our membership cards ! It was originally understood by your V&H Board Of Governors that this could be done at the time the physical rule was impelemented with any cards that had been already been sent out re-issued with the physical notation, however apparently new blank cards are ordered and delivered prior to the season and only enough are  ordered based on past membership with perhaps a few extras !

      The rule states that the completed physical be sent to APBA headquarters, but personnaly I have and an extra copy that I carry with me "just in case ! Many of you have done this as well, however others have followed the letter of the rule and sent theirs to APBA headquarters as the rule states ! I am asking those that sent their physical to APBA headquarterrs without making a personal copy "just in case" to get a copy from the one preforming the physical so that it may be produced if needed at registration if the physical is not noted on your membership card !

       In the meantime I will be working with APBA headquarters to attempt to get a list of those with physicals sent to me so that it can be forewarded to the individual events !

        In the worst case secreino I will work with each event to see that a physical can be preformed at the site !

    APBA Member #: 51877
    Boat #: 8-G
    Classes: ,
    Region 6