Greewood Lake Power Boat Assoc statement

  • The Greenwood Lake Power Boat
    Association has been asked by many people to comment or make an official
    statement in reference to the cancelation of the inboard racing event that was
    planned for September 15-16, 2012 and was being handled by the Lake Hopatcong Racing
    Association.  It's taken this long to
    respond, because we wanted to make sure we had everything ready to answer all
    the questions.  If you are truly
    interested in what actually happened here in West Milford Township, and if you
    care enough about this sport to learn what NOT to do in the future, you will
    check out our blog.  It was started last
    April, and after only one post, we were prepared to forget it even
    existed.  But now it is probably the best
    way to answer the avalanche of questions and contacts from so many people.  Frankly, we're tired of talking about it, so
    go to the blog and read it all for yourself. 
    This was compiled by our club officers and after reviewing the entire
    blog, GLPBA President McLean texted: "NICELY SAID ! SPREAD THE WORD"<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


    As we are not sure how long this post
    will remain up…. It could be taken down as being too controversial we suppose….
    please pass this information on to anyone you know that might also be


    We sincerely apologize to the innocent
    people that may be hurt by any of this, but the facts are the sad truth of what
    has happened to some good people who, before this mess, also had the sport as
    one of our highest priorities.  This
    should never have happened in the first place, but it did.  So it should be taken as a major lesson
    learned.  If it just gets buried it's a
    sure bet that history WILL repeat itself someday.  So grin and bear it, learn from this and move


    The blog posts are in the proper order,
    but only a certain amount is displayed on the screen, so you'll need to click
    "Older Posts" as you get to the bottom of each page.  Have patience and read it all…. it gets
    really good at the end……


    The blog can be found at

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  • i guess the only question really is , are you going to support lhra in their future races or continue to go around a valid region 3 ruling on this matter ?

    we all want to return to greenwood lake but wish all the politics would cease for the benefit of both clubs

    united we can race !

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  • I thought this was a "boatbuilders" post area.   Guess not.

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