Single Event members may race at Kingston PRO Nationals
  • The APBA General Racing Rules do not allow Single Event members to race
    at National Championships. At the APBA Board conference call on April 24,
    2013, in an effort to encourage more entries at the APBA PRO Nationals
    in Kingston, TN the Board approved a one-time exception to this rule.

    Drivers may purchase a Single Event membership to race at the 2013
    Kingston APBA PRO National Championships for $50 and Single
    Event drivers at Kingston may win National Championships.

    No other benefits of full APBA Racing Membership such as High
    Points or Hall of Champions points are earned while racing as
    a Single Event member from the Kingston PRO Nationals even
    if the membership is later upgraded to a full Racing Membership.

    APBA Member #: 110
    Boat #: R2
    Classes: CSerR, CSerH, CRacR, CRacH
    Region 10