Helmets Whats acceptable..Help
  • Of course the helmets must be Snell Approved but as for color it hard to find especially if the helmet is full off graphics in vents. 
    So is there a particular  company like shoei, Bell, Arai where I can get orange with a minimal Black graphics? According to the general rules 50% of helmet must be orange/flouresant.

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  • From the chair of the APBA Safety Committee: for the new guy, read the rules, follow the color guideline, check carefully for Snell, SFI or others listed. You want the newest Snell date, or SFI date. It is preferable to use a Snell SA rated helmet, as it has the testing most related to racing. You do not have a $10 head, so don't buy a $10 helmet. Good helmets regardless of manufacture will have the Snell rating. There is a SFI rating for youth helmets, in case you are under 16.

    Follow the guidelines of your salesperson, a loose helmet while exceptionally comfortable will remove itself in a wreck. Snug is preferred. Check out helmet / neck restraints, too. Helps keep yoiur head on straight, which makes racing more enjoyable (and repeatable!)! Lifeline and SRP are both one stop shopping points for boat racing safety gear.      eli

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  • Security race products sells approved shoei or bell helmets with the approved orange color with no graphics. I beileve they have a banner on the side of the main APBA site with a link to their page.

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  • Lifeline Race Gear has APBA-approved Bell helmets in stock and ready to ship. Go to www.lifelineracegear.com or call 928-669-9241. Lifeline also carries jackets, ballistic shorts and other safety gear. 

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  • I'll throw another suggestion in here... I went to my local motorcycle shop where I could try them on to get the proper fit. (Incidentally, I found that "small" or "med" of one brand was not the same as another brand.) Anyway, to your question of color & graphics, HJC makes a helmet in solid, approved colors with no graphics, or at least they did. The shop didn't have the solid yellow on the shelf but had no problem ordering it for me.

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  • I sanded a old quad helmet we had. Then 5 coats of krylon Chevrolet orange engine paint.

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