Jeff_Brewster_59s (Jeff Brewster) 1989 0

APBA #1859
Region 6
Boat Numbers: 59-S
Categories: Stock Outboard
Classes: 300SSH, BSH, 25SSH & Csr Marathon
APBA Member, Commissioner

  • Jeff_Brewster_59s
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    February 28
  • ram95
    Attend the national meeting this year (2016) in Chicago - sit in on the many meetings and raise your hand, express your ideas. Always helps to know what the rulebook says first tho. But, most importantly, try to figure out what your solution would be. And, if it requires writing a rule or procedure, sit down and write it. Then read it. Make sense?
    January 2016
  • Jeff_Brewster_59s
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    October 2013
  • charles_gatchell_9d
    Jeff, I just read a posting on fb concerning phasing out of the 80 Yamato and making a seperate class of the 103 Yamato. Extra classes have thinned the ranks of SO and I suggest that looking into a way to upgrade the slower engines to competition speeds unless we have a replacement supplier. No , I don't race anymore, but the Yamato engines really saved SO in the 80s when Mercury parts were becoming in short supply. Don't bite off our noses etc. etc.etc. ! CHEERS and MERRY XMAS !! CG
    December 2012
  • Jeff_Brewster_59s
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    September 2011
  • Jeff_Brewster_59s
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    Welcome Aboard!
    September 2011

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September 2011
Last Active
June 19
Member, Moderator

APBA Awards

  • 1989 - CSR Marathon
  • 302SSH - 2013
  • 1989 - CSH
  • 2007 - 25SSH
  • 2008 - 25SSH
  • 2009 - 25SSH

Other Racing Accomplishments

  • 2008 25SSH Winter Nats Champ 2009 Taunton Cup in 25SSH 2014 302SSH Winter Nats Champ