ram95 (Alex Poliakoff)

APBA #11195
Region 1
Club: South Shore Outboard Assn.
Boat Numbers: 8A
Categories: Stock Outboard, Modified Outboard
Classes: D hydro FE hydro 20 SShydro
APBA Member, Commissioner

  • Attend the national meeting this year (2016) in Chicago - sit in on the many meetings and raise your hand, express your ideas. Always helps to know what the rulebook says first tho. But, most importantly, try to figure out what your solution would be. And, if it requires writing a rule or procedure, sit down and write it. Then read it. Make sense?
    January 2016
  • John... It was great to see Ryan up here in Standish. We had a super Friday & Saturday testing and racing.
    But, I have to tell you that what discussed while floating out there in Blue Rescue, is gonna stay in Blue Rescue.
    I just got back from Crystal Lake so i'm sitting here in the "Library" :))).
    September 2013
  • Hi Tana.... you gonna be in Reno?
    September 2013
  • Lock n load Tana.... hope you're doing well
    Alex.....? The mad russian!!
    May 2013
  • Lock n load Bill!!
    November 2011
  • I've got an 87 Cougar 21 tunnel with a 2004 Merc 250 optimax (49 hrs) which I would just about trade for a (somewhat) domesticated Speed Skiff. Any ideas.
    Alex 207-737-4570
    November 2011
  • Joe.... you got your Tohatsu yet?
    November 2011
  • ram95 joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    September 2011

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September 2011
Last Active
November 2017

APBA Awards

  • No Awards, yet.

Other Racing Accomplishments

  • 2nd DSH 12A Tohatsu powered, Grass Lake 2009. Won DSH 2008 at Whitney Point but jumped by inches!