TheCommie (Jeff Larson) 2011

APBA #12681
Region 8
Club: Twin City Power Boat Association
Boat Numbers: 19
Categories: Outboard Performance Craft
Classes: VP 75, GT Pro, SST 60
APBA Member

  • Stepping up Adam....we should have 7-8 SST 60s every race up in MN this year. Picking up Foreman's rig this weekend.
    March 2012
  • Dan...have you ever seen any of our videos? ..that's a recap of one of last years races...the second class (GTP) has some good gopro...can remix a class specific video with mostly all gopro for GT Pro. We also have some 150 stuff and I think some VP 75 as well.
    March 2012
    • danwiener
      I will check it out. Thanks!!
      March 2012
  • Hey Tana...long time no bug you...heh
    February 2012
  • TheCommie joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    September 2011

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September 2011
Last Active
June 2014

APBA Awards

  • 2011 - GTP
  • 2010 - GTP

Other Racing Accomplishments

  • Rookie 2008 TCPBA Board Member 2009 TCPBA Commodore 2010 TCPBA Board Member 2011/2012