21V (Michael Mackey)

APBA #12424
Region 7
Club: MRC and BSOA
Boat Numbers: 21V, 34V (Owner), 19V (Owner), 87V (Owner)
Categories: Stock Outboard, Pro Outboard
Classes: CSH, 20SSH, OSY-400
Race Fan, APBA Member, Crew

  • matt1us
    Saw your post. Hope all is well. Lol.....but the grey areas and loopholes you reference some may refer to as drivers rights! When a driver feels he or she is 'wronged' all racing associations i have ever heard of have a 'appeal' process to address such issues. In the case of APBA those remedies come in the form of the SORC. The SORC is a ELECTED nation wide panel empowered to deal with such matters. This is where a driver comes to seek justice from perhaps inspectors or race committee's that may have 'got it wrong' so to speak. While black and white rules may sound nice.........sometimes even the best of inspectors and race committees get it wrong every now and then and that's where the SORC has to be there for it's DRIVERS!! Just a thought. Have a nice Thanksgiving!!
    November 2012
    • 21V

      I'm just living the dream, as usual. I hope you're doing well too.

      I think I might not have been clear as I could have been in my response to Big Don's post. I am all for drivers' rights, and in no way want to diminish them. All I am looking for is a clear consequence of any given rule. For lack of a better example, in the 2012 Rule Book (which appears to be no longer available online), when one finally gets to the bottom of a pickle fork violation, the rule stated a warning OR disqualification (which is vague and ambiguous at best, opening the door for further appeal.) The SORC interpreted the rule correctly, was justified in overturning the Inspector, thus protecting the driver's (your) rights. I am more in favor of the rule been written akin to, "... a first violation of the rule results in a written warning to be filed with the owner, driver, and APBA; and the driver is admonished to correct the violation prior to the next heat of racing into which the boat is participating. A second violation results in a disqualification."

      This to me is very clear, and still protects the driver. Even though the boat passed several inspections, it eventually failed. Unfortunately, it was at Nationals. Had the rule been more clearly worded, a warning would have been issued, George would fix the boat, and this whole disaster would have been averted.

      Before I quit using HR, I heard a lot of criticism of APBA rules and have been thinking long and hard about them (the pickle fork rule in particular). I still stand by my earlier opinion that we need fewer rules, and that the rules we do keep need to be very carefully worded and comprehensive to an overwhelming audience.

      Have a nice Thanksgiving as well!

      November 2012
  • 21V
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    September 2011
  • 21V
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    September 2011

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