racerkyle20 (Kyle Bahl) 2011 2010

APBA #963
Region 10
Club: Seattle Outboard Association
Boat Numbers: 20R
Categories: Inboard, Stock Outboard, Modified Outboard, Pro Outboard
Classes: CSR, CSH, 20SSH, 25ssr
APBA Member, Commissioner

  • KarlDyle
    Hi Kyle, I have met you a couple times @ nationals, not sure if you remember me or not. I asked Howie Nichols about coming to Moses Lake this year with a motorhome. I have never been or done this before, Howie said I need to contact you for where I would be parking the motorhome for the week. If there is any way of calling me or letting me know what you need from me I would really appreciate it. Thanks Karl Dyle. 561-891-0260
    June 2014
  • racerkyle20
    Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago next month.
    December 2011
    • danwiener
      Thanks Kyle, you as well!
      December 2011
  • racerkyle20
    Good run this year man! see you in Chicago!
    September 2011
    • D_Allen_III
      Well I'm only a month behind but same to you. Couldn't be bumped out of the hall by someone more deserving. You've had a couple dominate years in CSR. Nice job, looking forward to the speech!
      October 2011
  • racerkyle20
    racerkyle20 changed his profile picture.
    September 2011
  • racerkyle20
    racerkyle20 joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    September 2011

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September 2011
Last Active
August 2016

APBA Awards

  • 2011 - CSR
  • 2010 - CSR
  • 2011 - CSR
  • 2010 - CSR
  • 2006 - CSR
  • 2002 - FAH
  • 1999 - FAR
  • 2011 - Stock Outboard

Other Racing Accomplishments

  • -Multiple Stock/MOD Western Divisional Championships -SOA 1996 Rookie of the year -2010 CSR Summer National Champion -2011 CSR Summer National Champion -2000 ASH Winternational Champion -2013 CSH Winternational Champion -8 World Records (FAH/CSR/25ssr) -FAH: Current Mile and quarter course -CSR: Current 1/4 Mile straight record 68.447 mph -Multiple Region High Point Championships -2011 Region 10 Babcock award winner -2012 Region 10 Babcock award winner